Friday, April 15, 2011

the seven habits of a people with a beautiful heart

You know you have a beautiful heart when instead of concerning yourself with what you will leave behind. Rather, you concentrate on what you leave within. Francis Maitland Balfour once said that the best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, charity. I hope the seven habits of a beautiful heart will guide you in the quest for God
1)      A giving heart
Being a being of giving is one of the most important things, if you do not share with others you block yourself from receiving, it is as simple as that. So in order to receive more you have to give more of yourself. Tithe your time and money no matter how little you think you have to give. Start today. Start your day with 15-20 minutes of your time to a friend who needs your ear. Spend some time each week with the less fortunate members of the society. If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart. Commit to random acts of kindness and empowering others with encouragement and loving regard to inspire them to their individual greatness. You will truly be happy and blessed
2)      They hold no anger
Holding on to anger is like holding a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone, it will surely burn you. A beautiful heart knows that human beings are imperfect and often act cruelly because of the pain they are in. Instead of being judgmental, why not become understanding.”A man of understanding is of a calm spirit” proverbs 17:27 says. Instead of being angry, be compassionate. Don’t throw up the past and hurl blame on others. Instead, clean up your act and make up with your friends and patch up all your relationships. For friendships are to be cherished
3)      They are not envious
Jealousy can cause problems in relationships. But remember, love is not jealous and this is written in 1 Corinthians 13:4-13. Therefore, be happy for your friends despite who they are and what they have to offer and put all jealousy aside. Sometimes too, what other's have is their own downfall, depending on how they live with their own blessings? Harold Coffin once said that envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self worth. Each of us has something to give that no one else has. We should never break friendships because of envy for how can we be envious and happy at the same time
4)      They are honest
Those who have successful long-term relationships are the honest ones. Dishonest people may get the first sale, but honest people will get all the rest! Don’t dig up the dirt on others by gossiping, for when you do so, the only reputation your soil is your own. Instead, clean up your act and make up with your friends and patch up all your relationships. For friendships are to be cherished

5)      They harbor gratitude
Gratitude is a powerful tool for creating a prosperous and fulfilled life. Use it often. When our focus is on what we have and what is good in our lives, we attract more of the good we desire.  Develop an attitude of gratitude about what you have and the things that happen to you in your life for your greater growth and mastery. See obstacles as opportunities to grow rather than road blocks holding you back. For how happy a person is depends on the depth of his gratitude.

6)      They forgive every one for anything
Forgiving someone for a past experience might not be that easy, try thinking of all the people that hurt you, most likely the person was once a close person to your heart, a friend, a lover ,a parent, a sibling ,a  neighbor, a cousin, an uncle ,whoever. Try remembering the good days you guys shared together. There’s no one that’s unforgivable no matter what he did. Do everything to forgive and forget, people believe that you can forgive but you can never forget, but I discovered that if you truly forgive you will forget, and each time you remember and mention it, it only shows that you have not truly forgiven, unfortunately the person you end up hurting is you ."Forgiveness is like setting a prisoner free and finding that the prisoner was you."
Forgive, forget, clear your mind make yourself a better person, a happier person there should be no bad experience in your memory now, we just deleted it .
7)      They harbor no malice
A person with a beautiful heart knows that God maintains perfect control over circumstances. Wit, humor and jesting at the expense of other people are not how he keeps his mark. He would rather be known for his wisdom and kind speech

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fifteen things God won’t ask

Here are fifteen things God won't ask you
God won’t ask what kind of car you drove, but will ask how many people you drove who didn’t have transportation.
God won’t ask the square footage of your house, but will ask how many people you welcomed into your home.
God won’t ask about the fancy clothes you had in your closet, but will ask how many of those clothes helped the needy.
God won’t ask about your social status, but will ask what kind of class you displayed.
God won’t ask how many material possessions you had, but will ask if they dictated your life.
God won’t ask what your highest salary was, but will ask if you compromised your character to obtain that salary.
God won’t ask how much overtime you worked, but will ask if you worked overtime for your family and loved ones.
God won’t ask how many promotions you received, but will ask how you promoted others.
God won’t ask what your job title was, but will ask if you reformed your job to the best of your ability.
God won’t ask what you did to help yourself, but will ask what you did to help others.
God won’t ask how many friends you had, but will ask how many people to whom you were a true friend.
God won’t ask what you did to protect your rights, but will ask what you did to protect the rights of others.
God won’t ask in what neighborhood you lived, but will ask how you treated your neighbors.
God won’t ask about the color of your skin, but will ask about the content of your character.
God won’t ask how many times your deeds matched your words, but will ask how many times they didn’t

My Psalms 23 shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd
that’s Relationship!  
I shall not want
That's Supply!
He makes me to lie down in green pastures.
That's Rest!
He leads me beside the still waters.
That's Refreshment!
He restores my soul
That's Healing!
He leads me in the paths of righteousness.
That's Guidance!
For His name sake
That's Purpose!
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.
That's Testing!
I will fear no evil.
That's Protection!
For you are with me
That's Faithfulness!
Your rod and Your staff they comfort me,
That's Discipline!
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
That's Hope!
Your anoints my head with oil,
That’s Consecration!

 My cup runs over.
That’s Abundance!
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.
That’s Blessing!
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord.
 That’s Security!

That’s Eternity!
Face it; the Lord thinks you are special.  

 What is most valuable is not what we have in our lives;
but WHO we have in our lives.
And that’s a good shepherd

The price He Paid

One Day, Jesus and Satan had a conversation and Jesus ask Satan what he was doing with the people here in the World...
Satan Responded:
They are entertaining me : Teaching them how to do bombs and to kill; to use weapons; to hate one another; to abuse the infancy; showing the youth to use drugs; to drink, to lie and to do everything prohibited...
I am amusing myself very much!!!!
Jesus asked:
And after, what are you going to do with them?
After ...I am going to finish them all!!
Jesus asked:
How much do you want for them?
Satan Replied:
Why are you going to love these people? They are treacherous, lying, false, egoistic, and covetous.
They will never love you really, they are going to blaspheme and spit in your face, they are going to despise you and they will not have you consideration any
How much do you want for them Satan?
I want all your tears and your blood!
Ok done deal!
And... Jesus paid the price of our liberty!
How do we forget Jesus!
We believe everything they show us, but we question everything that comes from him...
Everyone says they want to be with GOD one day
A lot of us say: I believe in GOD, but what do we do for HIM!
To speak of Jesus is not a matter that the people want to hear...
They only come to Jesus when they are in big trouble. ..
And to think the ultimate price He paid for us
It’s a shame

I've Learned...

I've learned....
That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.
I've learned....
That when you're in love, it shows
I've learned....
That just one person saying to me, "You've made my day!" makes my day.
I've learned....
That being kind is more important than being right.
I've learned....
That you should never say "no" to a gift from a child.
I've learned....
That I can always pray for someone when I don't have the strength to help him in some other way.
I've learned....
That no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with.
I've learned....
That sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.
I've learned....
That simple walks with my father around the block on summer nights when I was a child did wonders for me as an adult
I've learned....
That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes
I've learned....
That we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for.
I've learned....
That money doesn't buy class.
I've learned....
That it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular
I've learned...
That under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved
I've learned....
That the Lord didn't do it all in one day. What makes me think I can?
I've learned....
That to ignore the facts does not change the facts.
I've learned....
That when you plan to get even with someone, you are only letting that person continue to hurt you.
I've learned....
That love, not time, heals all wounds.
I've learned....
That the easiest way for me to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am
I've learned....
That everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile.
I've learned....
That no one is perfect until you fall in love with them.
I've learned....
That life is tough, but I'm tougher.
I've learned....
That opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss.
I've learned....
That when you harbor bitterness, happiness will dock elsewhere.
I've learned....
That I wish I could have told my Dad that I love him one more time before he passed away.
I've learned....
That one should keep his words both soft and tender, because tomorrow he may have to eat them
I've learned....
That a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.
I've learned....
That I can't choose how I feel, but I can choose what I do about it
I've learned....
That everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.
I've learned ...
That it is best to give advice in only two circumstances; when it is requested and when it is a life threatening situation
I've learned....
That the less time I have to work with, the more things I get done.

The 5 traits of a righteous person

Righteous people are driven by heavenly success and a desire to please God rather than being driven by earthly desire and a need to gain self-satisfaction. Here are five traits  of to help you start your quest for God
  They know God’s word
In order for us to know how to succeed in life, we need to understand how God evaluates success in life. In Exodus 31:3 it recounts how God filled the workman who constructed the tabernacle of Israel with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, in order to succeed in the building. Knowledge is the acquiring of facts; understanding is the comprehension of the facts; and wisdom knows how to properly apply what one knows and understands to life's situations. In James 1:5, he tells us, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God that gives to all liberally". Therefore, in order to know God's way of success, one must have knowledge of His Word and the discernment of understanding by the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 2:9-14), then committed to God in prayer for wisdom (See also: Hebrews 4:16, and James 4:13-15). This is God's formula not only for success, but for fullness of life and peace, even in a troubled world.
   They follow God’s word
God knows us better than we know ourselves, as well as the fact that God desires that we enjoy success and fullness of life. Therefore He has provided a guide to that end in His Word. In John 10:10, Jesus stated that, "I am come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly".
When Joshua became the leader of the people of Israel, and before he led them into the promised land, God said to him, "This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth: but you shall meditate therein day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success" (Joshua 1:8). The words "good success" are used only once in the whole Bible, in this verse. Good success was dependent upon allowing the principles of God's word to be the foundation upon which the nation was to build and be successful. So, today it is no different for the individual. God's principles are true, eternal, and as valid for us today, as they were for Israel.Psalm 1:2, 3 further reinforces this thought for it says that the righteous person has, "His delight in the law of the Lord: and in His law he meditates day and night". The result is, "He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper". God cares and provides for His children, who trust Him, and follow His Word. Success comes in knowing and following God's principles in His Word.
 They are spiritually minded
Romans 8:6, where it states, "For to be fleshly minded (i.e. self-centered) is death (i.e. to not succeed), but to be spiritually minded is life and peace". Today, people are consumed with a desire to succeed in life, as well as to have tranquility, but with the pressures to succeed, it seems almost impossible to have both at the same time. Yet, God's Word gives us the right prescription.
  They honour and serve God
 An absolutely positive principle for our admonition is found in I Samuel 2:30, where God states, "For them that honor me I will honor, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed". In John 12:26, Jesus Christ stated a similar principle when He said, "If anyone serve me, him will my Father honor". Prosperity according to God's evaluation (which differs from mankind’s: see, Luke 12:15), fullness of life, and success, can be attained not only in this life, but in that which is to come, when we humbly accept the precepts of God's Word, and pattern our lives according to them. Then God guarantees it, unconditionally.
 They trust God
As a loving heavenly Father, God wants His children to succeed and enjoy life. At the same time, and unlike an earthly father, He knows what is in our future, as well as knowing absolutely what is best for every child of His. Therefore, our response should be absolute trust in desiring His best for our lives. In this way we can be guaranteed success and fulfillment, even in the trials of life, which He allows to strengthen and mature us (see: I Corinthians 10:13 and II Corinthians 12:7-10).

The art of living a fulfilled life

God wants you to succeed and live fulfilled a fulfilled—that's part of His plan! Here are five practical, powerful steps to success and be fulfilled God's way.
Live free from shame and guilt. Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation or guilt for those who are in Jesus. God himself declares that He will wipe away our transgressions and not remember our sins anymore! (Isaiah 43:25). Grace—unearned favor—is a gift from God. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and forget the things that create shame in you. God does!

Live free from judgmentalism. If we judge others—their children, their marriages, or how they live—that judgment will come back to us (Romans 14:4). When we condemn and criticize others, we invite the same thing to come into our own lives. If someone falls in sin, we are supposed to gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path, being careful not to make the same mistake (Galatians 6:1).

Live free from self-centeredness. The Bible says we are to live not to please ourselves, but to please God (1 Thessalonians 4:1). I believe when people are tempted to kill themselves, it is really because they need to experience a spiritual death, dying to their own wants and needs (Galatians 2:20). When we center our lives on loving Jesus and serving others, then we will find true purpose and fulfillment (Galatians 5:13).

Live free from fear. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Years ago, I was on an airplane flying through a violent storm. I read Psalm 91 aloud and it brought peace to my heart and to those around me. Fear is a lack of trust. When I begin to get afraid, I envision myself sitting in God's strong hands. Meditate on God's Word and trust Him to take care of you.

Live full of faith by being full of God's Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). To pray power into a situation, pray the Word. Resist talking unbelief. Thinking faith thoughts and speaking faith words will lead your heart out of defeat and into victory. Remember: God is bigger than any problem or limitation you will ever have.

You can succeed! Trust God, yield to the Holy Spirit, pray in faith and allow God's Word to strengthen you and renew your mind, confident that God is faithful to complete the work He has begun in you (Philippians 1:6).